Double Shaft Magnetic Powder Clutch

Double Shaft Magnetic Powder Clutch
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PRE-A Double Shaft Magnetic Powder Clutch

Brand Name:PRE Converting
Application: For all kinds of printing & converting machines need rewinding
Voltage: 24V DC
MAX Rotation Speed: 1800rpm/min
Rated Torque: 0.6kgfm--80kgfm
Current: 0.81A-4.6A
Colour: White


PRE Converting double output shaft magnetic powder clutch,uses DC24V DC voltage, has the features of stop support, fan cooling,max rotation speed 1800rpm.

PRE-A Model: 0.6N.m ,3N.m,6N.m,12N.m,25N.m,50N.m,100N.m 200N.m 400N.m 630N.m 1200N.m 2000N.m

Powder clutch structure and working principle: The magnetic clutch is composed of an active rotor (input shaft), a driven rotor (output shaft) and a yoke with an excitation coil. The three parts are relatively concentrically assembled to form a whole that can be rotated relative to each other. An alloy magnetic powder with a high magnetic permeability in the annular gap (working cavity) is formed between the active rotor and the driven rotor.

When the excitation coil is in the radio, the magnetic powder in the working chamber is loose. Under the centrifugal force generated by the active rotor, the magnetic powder is uniformly smashed on the inner wall of the active rotor, and there is no force interaction between the main and driven rotors, and the magnetic powder clutch is in a separated state without torque transmission. When the excitation coil has a current, a working magnetic flux is generated in the yoke, and the magnetic powder in the working cavity is chain-linked in the direction of the magnetic flux (forming a magnetic powder chain), and the magnetic powder clutch is the magnetic powder and the magnetic powder, the magnetic powder and the working surface. The friction between the frictional force and the magnetic powder chain transmits the torque, and the magnetic powder clutch is in a combined state.


1. Question:

Can you customized the powder clutch/brake for me if I provide the size or drawing?


Sorry,usually the magnetic clutch or brake is standard torque on models,

You could choose close models if can replace your original type.

2. Question:

I need the air shaft roll which diameter not included in your list, can you produce?


Yes! We can customize all sizes of air shaft or rolls,because air shafts are different with powder

Clutch/brakes,they are produced by machines’ actual dimension.

3. Question:

What is the minimum order of powder clutch & brake?


The minimum order is only 1 piece.

4. Question:

Can you provide any sample for checking?


Our MOQ is only 1 pc,for the free sample, it depends on actual situation,customer may discuss with our sales team.

Order Details
Item Name: PRE-A Double Shaft Magnetic Powder Clutch
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity): 1Pc
Lead time: 3-5 days after receiving the deposit
Calculated Weight: According to different models
Package: Carton/Wooden Box
Price Term: EXW,FOB, CIF, etc
Payment term: TT,L/C,Western Union
Country of Origin: China
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