800mm Width Web Guide System

800mm Width Web Guide System
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Using the electromechanical drive as the power, the PG-800A displacement web aligner system has excellent performance. With a low-friction ball bushing and a high-precision rotating rod design, the alignment frame maintains high-intensity continuous performance in the edge, line and center alignment, requiring virtually no maintenance.

This web guiding frame integrates the highly compact advantages of operation and control technology. It can be designed according to customers' different widths, strong structure and fine processing to ensure the balance of the guide roller of the correction frame, and the roller surface is finely processed to correct the deviation. In addition, the splice table and clip can be added to the upper frame.

1.Coils & web can be positioned quickly and accurately;

2.Using a web width of up to 770 mm (30.3");

3.Design of low friction ball bushings and rotating rods;

4.Durable structural design for continuous use over a long period of time, greatly reducing the need for maintenance;

5.All standard sensors and controllers can be used in edge guide,line guide and centering guide;

6.There are many different structures and rollers for customers to choose;

7.On-demand design: Medium width guiding can be designed and produced according to customer requirements;

8.Robust construction: Mechanical strength considers a safety factor of 500% to ensure that the machine does not deform;

9.Fine processing: high standard processing requirements to ensure the balance of the guide roller, fine surface treatment

10.Flexible installation: to meet any customer installation method

Technical Details
Model: 800mm Web Displacement Guide System
Roller Diameter: 80mm(can be customized)
Roller Length: 800mm(Different models have different roller length)
Web Width Range: 200mm-770mm
Guide Angle: ±15°
Maximum Tension
Power Input: AC220V/80W
Span Between 2 Rollers: 390mm(can be customized)
Maximum Drive Speed: 40mm/s
Environment Temperature: -10~60℃/below RH90%

Order Details
Item Name: PG-800A Offset Pivot Guide System
MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity): 1pc
Lead time: 10-15 days after receiving the deposit
Calculated Packing Size: 90cm*55cm*45cm
Package: Wooden Box
Price Term: EXW,FOB, CIF, etc
Payment term: TT, L/C,Western Union
Country of Origin: China
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