Automatic Tension Controller with Radius

Automatic Tension Controller with Radius
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Automatic Tension Controller with Taper and Communication Function
The tension controller KTC-838A is a high-precision, multi-function, all-digital intelligent tension controller that can be combined with a tension detector to form a closed-loop tension control system, or an automatic calculation of tension through a proximity switch/encoder to form an open-loop tension control system. It has the functions of KTC818A and KTC828A at the same time, providing users with more free choices.

KTC-838A tension controller adopts a new graphic liquid crystal display, which shows clearer in Chinese and English. It also outputs 0~24VDC control voltage command for magnetic powder clutch/brake, and can also output 0~10V voltage signal to control inverter, servo motor or other actuators perform high-precision tension control on the coil material. Widely used in printing, packaging, paper, cable, rubber, electronic battery, textile printing and dyeing industries.


Work Input: AC220V 100W

Work Output: DC10V,the tension examination power source

Simulation Input Signal: Two group tension detector signal input

Simulation Output Signal:
Control output DC0-10V to use in serving controls and so on amplifier.
Control output DC0-24V to use in controlling the DC24Velectric current less than 4A, following magnetic powder (electromagnetism) digital quantity.

Input signal: Each numeral quantities and so on coupling brake all to use the Photoelectrictiy isolation electric circuit to input, all digital quantity input only DIO DIA DIB.

Use Ambient Temperature: -10~40degree

Use Environment Humidity: 35~85% RH( No condensation)

Use Environment: Non-corrosiveness, not flammable gas,non-conductive dust, dust few

Earths: D kind of earth (It is prohibition of the strong electricity electric wire earths together)

1. using 32-bit high-speed CPU, graphic LCD display, user-friendly design, easy to operate

2. can choose automatic closed-loop tension control or coil diameter open loop tension control

3. using no over-modulation PI algorithm, tension control is fast and stable

4. support thickness accumulation, ratio method to measure the diameter

5. double station switching, acceleration and deceleration compensation

6. dual 24V / 4A output, can directly drive two brakes / clutch

7. can output 0-10V, 4-20mA drive inverter / servo motor

8. simple installation and commissioning, tension calibration process is simple

9. support standard Modbus communication protocol, all parameters open, connected to PLC / touch screen is very convenient

10. parameter password protection to prevent misuse

11. tension measurement is high stability, no temperature drift

Order Details

Item Name: KTC-838A Automatic Tension Controller with Taper and Communication

MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity): 1pc
Lead time: 2 days after receiving the deposit

Calculated Packing Size: 20cm*15cm*15cm,2kg/pc

Package: Carton

Price Term: EXW,FOB, CIF, etc

Payment term: TT,L/C,Western Union

Country of Origin: China
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