Line Guide Controller

Line Guide Controller
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Product Details

1.Thank you very much for your attention on the EPC-A12 servo web guide system! The system can connect a variety of different types of correction sensors;

2.And the pusher supports EPC edge and LPC line tracking, CPC alignment, SPC misalignment (snake) and other guiding methods;

3.Use color large-screen touch as a human-machine interface, easy to operate, beautiful, with setup wizard and online help system,even if you use the system for the first time, you can easily complete the basic settings;

4.High-performance servo motor vector drive, fast speed response, support for direct torque control, acceleration and deceleration, speed limit.

5.High-speed CPU operation, support EPC and edge LPC with line, CPC alignment, SPC misalignment (snake) and other correction methods;

6.Support ultrasonic sensors, photoelectric sensors, CCD sensors.

7.Large-screen color touch screen, man-machine interface is beautiful and practical, easy to operate.

8.An integrated setup wizard and help system, each with help buttons for concise help.

9.The pusher uses a servo motor to drive the ball screw, which has high precision, low noise and maintenance-free.

10.The pusher is equipped with an encoder and an absolute value linear position feedback device. It adapts to different mechanical strokes without the need of a travel limit switch, and the limit position never drifts.

11.With 3 high-speed analog inputs, it can connect two analog sensors and one external control analog (such as fine-tuning position, serpentine speed, etc.).

12.With 3 digitally isolated digital inputs, different functions can be set individually.

13.Multiple software and hardware protection measures, stable and reliable work, strong anti-interference ability. There are different failure emergency response plans for the failure of each component.

Guaranteed 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.

Applications: Printing presses, rewinders, coaters, bag making machines, slitting machines, laminating machines, laminating machines

Order Details

Item Name: LPC-A12 Line Guiding Controller

MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity): 1pc

Lead time: 1-2 days after receiving the deposit

Calculated Packing Size: 15cm*10cm*10cm

Package: Carton/Wooden Box

Price Term: EXW,FOB, CIF, etc

Payment term: TT, L/C,Western Union

Country of Origin: China
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