Calcium Silicate Board Equipment

Calcium Silicate Board Equipment
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Dimensions length 46m × width 1.1m × height 1.3m
Working speed maximum speed of 8 blocks per minute
Power 20KW

Processing line process that takes you into the equipment line of calcium silicate board

As the name suggests, the calcium silicate board production line is the step that goes through the production process of the calcium silicate board product. It has specific operation procedures, that is, it can be from the raw material (zero, component) inlet to the raw material production and export, through the processing of raw materials, and the transportation in the product process. , the assembly of the finished product, and the route of a series of production line activities, such as the final inspection and acceptance of the product.

Silicon calcium plate production line process and processing equipment:

Ingredients: quartz powder + cement + natural log pulp fiber

Equipment used: batching machine

Role: the proportion of all raw materials in the production process


Equipment used: pulping machine, slurry tank, mixer

Function: processing and mixing of the ingredients with a mixture of artificial and mechanical methods


Equipment used: stripping machine

Role: Separate the plated product and leave the mold.


Equipment used: steaming machine, blanking machine

Function: The product is cured by high-temperature steam. For example, aerated concrete is usually placed in an autoclave for maintenance. Because of its large internal pores, ordinary curing will produce internal moisture, which is not good for concrete. In addition, autoclaved curing can reduce curing time. Increased strength.

Through steam curing, the reaction temperature of the product is increased. In the initial heating stage, the steam is mainly transferred by the condensation heat of the product, and the convective heat release is secondary.


Application equipment: dryer

Function: heat and dry the product to prevent cracks


Equipment used: edging machine

Role: Correct the edge, from rough to beautiful and simple process


There are three ways to stack a series of products: manual code. Lighter objects. 2, forklift palletizing. It is more commonly used in warehouses. 3. Crane palletizing. Production lines, heavy objects are commonly used.


Equipment used: conveyor, conveyor

Role: As the name suggests, the final packaging of the product, easy to transport, to prevent breakage. The loaded products are transported to the warehouse for storage.

Advantages and effects:

1. High degree of automation, simple operation of equipment, only need to carry out correct operation training, can work, save labor, reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency.

2. There is no limit to the production site. As long as the production site is safe, the facilities are complete and there is water and electricity to work.

3. Custom processing, can be customized according to customer needs, only need to provide the size of the product. Let the product quality guarantee, avoid waste, and make the product treatment better.

4. The production of raw materials is simple and has no regional restrictions.
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