Decorative Aluminium Expanded Metal Mesh

Decorative Aluminium Expanded Metal Mesh
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Jun 27, 2019
Dec 24, 2019
Decorative Aluminium Expanded Metal

1. Product Description

Material: aluminum plate, Al - mg alloy plate

Thechnology: stamping and stretching, leveling

Surface Treatment:

Baking paint,

Anodizing finished


Powder coated,

Fluorocarbon spraying etc

PVDF (surface will be much more smooth, level off and glossy, it also has a much longer life span than common treatment)

Colors: silver, blue, green, yellow, pink, black, red, etc. As you like.

Spec: plate thickness 0.3-9mm,stem width:0.5-30mm.

SWD: 3-150mm, LWD:3-300mm

Type: Anodized aluminum metal; Oxidation color aluminum expanded metal mesh; ceiling expanded metal; Aluminum curtain wall, Aluminum metal for exterior decoration; powder coated expanded metal,Flattened expanded metal, etc.

Decorative expanded metal can be classified into indoor ceiling aluminum decorative mesh and outdoor curtain wall mesh, which is made of high quality raw materials are stretched by the large-scale precise expanded wire mesh machine.It not only improves the hardness and strength, but also reduces the weight of aluminum decoration mesh, as well as improves the utilization rate of raw materials.

(1) curtain wall aluminum metal is well - suited for a variety of out-of-doors (such as office buildings, government agency, stadiums, airports, railway stations). Metal curtain wall usually adopts 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel material, the mesh is in dense diamond with integrity. Which can be used for fifty years without rust in complex climate outside. Meanwhile, construction is convenient, simple maintenance. Look from the visual effect, the surface of curtain wall is bright, beautiful, smooth, unique shape, which can give people the enjoyment of the spirit.

(2) Decorative Aluminum metal mainly applies to all kinds of indoor use.

such as workshop, hotel, waiting area, platform, large conference room). When planar ceiling is installed, the works usually adopt aluminum alloy plate or aluminum metal with anti-corrosion white paint. The anti-dazzle stems have some features of light transmission. sound-absorbing, beautiful surface, etc.

2. Features & Application

Aluminum expanded metal is light weight, rust resistance and aging resistance, corrosion resistance, sound-absorbing, good ventilation and light performance, high strength, which has very extensive application now and in the future.

Aluminum expanded metal is widely used in wall decoration, ceiling, karaoke sound barriers, outdoor metal curtain wall, small handicraft manufacture, pollution area protection, chemical plants, power plants, sewage treatment plants, etc. Which spreads over hundreds of industries.

Mainly used for decoration, curtain wall, ceiling, partition and other process decoration.

Expanded metal mesh is mainly used for the decoration of the interior wall, screen, partition, ceiling, outdoor curtain wall, building facade and other parts of the airport, station, gymnasium, hotel, hotel, high-end clubhouse, shopping mall and shopping center.

--The mesh is also suitable for installation in wide public buildings or small area of local decoration.Because its natural metallic luster effect a kind of launch action with the different changes of light between the metal mesh,creating a variety of changes of visual effects. Which fully reflect the designer's creativity.

--Can be used in exhibition hall, hotel, airport, railway station and other public places as well as featured buildings, such as ceiling, rolling shutter, window screen, filter, front decoration, hotel, office, exhibition hall, shops and other high-end interior decoration.