Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Expanded Metal Mesh

Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Expanded Metal Mesh
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Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Expanded Metal Mesh

1. Product Description

This kind of mesh is the most commonly used for interior decoration ceiling in recent years.

Material: Aluminium plate, aluminum alloy plate

Production process: stamping and stretching

Hole shape: Conventional mesh is formed in a diamond pattern. It has other pattern of square, round,triangle, scale-like opening.

Surface treatment: baking paint, anodizing, plastic spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, etc

2. Feature

--High appreciation, practicality, good ventilation and light;

--Sound absorption, simple construction, simple daily maintenance, low cost;

--Permeable, anti-corrosion, anti-rust;

--Have the effect of blocking the direct sunlight;

--Noble, generous and a visual sense of beauty.

3. Application

It is mainly applicable to high - grade restaurant, ceiling, partition, airport ceiling, curtain wall decoration mesh, high - grade community decoration, indoor screen, etc.
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