Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fence
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1. Steel mesh guardrail

The steel plate net guardrail USES the high quality steel plate ramming but becomes; Divided into hot galvanized steel wire mesh fence, galvanized steel wire mesh fence, PVC coated steel wire mesh fence, impregnated steel wire fence; Steel mesh fence. Strong anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and other characteristics.

2. Common Specifications

Material: low carbon steel plate

Thickness: 1.5 mm - 3 mm

Long pitch: 25mm-100mm

Short pitch: 19mm-58mm

Net width: 0.5 m to 2 m

Net 0.5 m to 3 m long

3. Effect of editing

Steel plate net guardrail is also called anti-dazzle net, which can not only ensure the continuity of anti-dazzle facilities and transverse visibility, but also can isolate the up and down traffic lane to achieve the purpose of anti-dazzle and isolation.Steel grid guardrail economy and beautiful appearance, less wind resistance, steel grid guardrail after galvanized plastic coated double coating can extend the service life, reduce maintenance costs.

4. Main purpose editor

Widely used in highway anti-vertigo nets, urban roads, military barracks, national defense boundaries, parks, buildings, villas, residential areas, sports venues, airports, road green belt as a barrier, fence and so on.
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