600m depth large-sized hydraulic water well drilling machine /engineering rig

600m depth large-sized hydraulic water well drilling machine /engineering rig
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1. Features of XY-3 hydraulic core drilling rig
·XY-3 hydraulic core drilling rig adopts CG140 model auto transmission, has 10 rotation speeds and reasonable speed range, with eight forward rotation gears and two reverse rotation gears, high speed, strong stroke and wide scope of application
·Large torque, strong bearing capacity, can realize long distance control speed change, operation centralized and convenient
·Large engine power and two reverse rotation gears, can easily solve the water well drilling work accident.
·Equipped with normally closed hydraulic chuck, operation is flexible and reliable
·The independent operation of the vertical shaft and the hoist can be realized
·The diameter of the vertical shaft through the hole is large and can be replaced with a large six party active drill rod
2. Parameters of XY-3 hydraulic core drilling rig
XY-3 hydraulic core drilling rig
Drilling depth 600m
Borehole diameter 300-75mm
Max open hole caliber 300mm
End hole caliber 75mm
Drilling rod diameter 60
Drilling angle 90°-65°
spindle speed 30-1050r/min
Spindle stroke 29-137r/min
Spindle stroke 60mm
Spindle inner diameter 96mm
Lifting capacity 6000kg
Max.single line lifting speed 0.5-1.9m/s
Wire rope caliber 12.5mm
Max.single line lifting capacity 4000kg
Reel diameter 300mm
Wire rope length 50m
Maximum lifting capacity of single rope 3000kg
Mud pump
Type Horizontal three cylinder BW-250
Displacement 250l/min
Work pressure 80kg/cm²
Water inlet pipe diameter 75mm
Water outlet pipe diameter 50mm
Gear oil pump
Duplex gear oil pump CBF-F63/25
Front displacement, pressure 63l/min 20mpa
Water outlet pipe diameter 25l/min 20mpa
Diesel engine 39kw
Electric machinery 22kw
Weight size
Drill weight 1800kg
Shape size 2500*900*1800mm
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