Enamelled Aluminium Flat Wire

Enamelled Aluminium Flat Wire
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Jul 1, 2019
Enamelled Aluminium Flat Wire

●Product introduction: Enamelled flat wire refers to the insulation index of the required temperature index and compatibility according to the customer's requirements on the wire after the oxygen-free copper rod or electric round aluminum rod is drawn by the mold of a certain specification. , using mold or felt-type painting, coating a plurality of corresponding insulating varnishes, after baking treatment, the insulating varnish and the wires are formed integrally. This product is suitable for windings of transformers, generators, motors, reactors and various electrical equipment.

●Production range:
Copper aluminum flat wire
Narrow side dimension a: 1.00mm—5.00mm Wide side dimension b: 3.00mm—16.00mm
Recommended conductor width ratio 1.5<b/a<7.5
If the selection specification is beyond the above range, please contact us.

Product category:
120(155) acetal enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire
130 polyester enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire
Polyester enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire
180 class polyester imide enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire
200 class polyester imide/polyamide imide compound enameled copper (aluminum) flat wire

If you prefer other kinds of enameled wire, please contact us.