XYD-200 engineering core drilling equipment crawler geology expoloration rig

XYD-200 engineering core drilling equipment crawler geology expoloration  rig
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1. Characteristics of XYD-200 crawler hydraulic core drilling rig
·drilling rig uses automatic Telescopic drilling rig ,it uses two high-strength cylinders to support.There is a group of hydraulic valves to control super nation of drill tower so that it saves time and effort, safe and reliable when user operates, the maximum for the user to create benefits.
·the chassis uses a rubber belt track so that the weight is light,the cost of life cycle is lower.It can reduce noise of the vehicle walking mechanism,reduce car body's shake,reduce the oil consumption.It can walk on the pavement of city and don't hurt the pavement.
·the chassis comes with four high-strength threaded legs(or Hydraulic high leg) the threaded legs install rate and adjust is fast and convenient, can be used for work plane leveling.It can make loading and unloading reduce the cost of to improve efficiency.It also can be used as auxiliary support when the track drilling rig is working.
·using 48V electric starting diesel engine is reduced the operate's labour intensity greatly.Especially in cold season,when diesel engine start hardly,it will show superiority vastly.
·the machine is equipped with BW-160 independent mud pump,the pump flow and pressure are big,the maintenance is convenient,the parts of the machine are convenient to buy all over the country.
2. Technical parameters of XYD-200 crawler hydraulic core drilling rig
XYD-200 crawler hydraulic core drilling rig
Drilling depth 200m
Maximum opening diameter 75-300mm
Final hole diameter 75mm
Kelly 53/59*4200mm
Drill pipe diameter 50/60mm
Drilling angle 90°-75°
Auxiliary power diesel engine 16.2kw 2200r/min
Structural weight/Size 3000kg 3800*1950*2700
Spindle speed 64/128/287/557r/min
Spindle stroke 450mm
Single rope lifting force 24kn
Single rope lifting speed 0.12/0.22/0.49/0.95m/s
Drum diameter 140mm
Wire rope diameter 13mm
Wire rope capacity 35m
Rated load 5t
Effective height 6m
Tower leg specification 89mm
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