tricycle-mounted hydraulic core drilling rig XYC-200A

tricycle-mounted hydraulic core drilling rig XYC-200A
Wu Taizha Road, Guanhe Street, Jining Hi-tech Zone, Shandong Province, 272000, China
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1. Characteristics of XYC-200A tricycle-mounted hydraulic core drilling rig
·XYC-200A tricycle-mounted hydraulic core drilling rig is multi-function hydraulic vehicle-mounted core drilling machine .
·The tricycle is Tricar. The drilling rig, engine, BW-160 pump and hydraulic drill tower are all installed on the tricycle, so it us easy for transportation.
·XYC-200A tricycle-mounted hydraulic core drilling rig with BW160 pump which has high pressure and high flux, to ensure the drilling depth and hole diameter.
·The tricycle drilling rig is equipped with shift unit,so the drilling rig can move back and forth
·The highest speed can reach 1045r/min with 5 gears, which improves the drilling efficiency
·The drilling rig is Adopted 53*59 drilling rod, which has high rigidity and strong delivery torque
·Equipped with taper clutch, made the machine easy to operate and free of maintenance.
·Use large module planetary gear and add supporting frame, highly increased hoisting and braking ability of the winch.
·Vertical spindle are fixed by four groups of bearings to ensure that the core rig is rigid enough for gravel layer and other complex geological conditions.
2. Parameters of XYC-200A tricycle-mounted hydraulic core drilling rig
Drilling depth 200m
Max. open hole diameter 75-260mm
End hole diameter(mm) 75
Drill rod diameter 50mm
Drilling tower height 6500mm
Drilling angle 90-75
Spindle speed 64/128/287/557r/min
Spindle stroke 450mm
Max. single line hoisting capacity 1600kg
Single line lifting speed 17/35/75/151r/min
Tightrope diameter 12.5mm
Tightrope cubic measure 35mm
Hug floodgate belt width 70mm
Mud Pump
Type Horizontal Single Urn Twin-action
Discharge displacement 170l/min.
Diesel S1115 22HP
Electric motor 15kw,1440r/min
Max. pressure 1.5mpa
Work pressure 0.7mpa
Water inlet diameter 30mm
Water outlet diameter 25mm
Triangle conveyre belt B1728mm
Chassis Tricar(Pictures of vehicle-mounted drilling rigs for reference only)
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