Specific Protein Analyzer BPA20 CE Approved

Specific Protein Analyzer BPA20 CE Approved
Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
Category:Clinical Analytical Instruments


Test Principle:Nephelometry.
Parameters :hsCRP,HbA1c,mALB,D-Dimer,ASO,RF,C3,C4 etc.can be extended to more than 30 parameters.
Light source: Diode laser,wavelength 650nm.
Testing channel:4 independant channel,can test same sample or different samples simultaneously. 1 channel is available.
Sample type: Whole blood,Serum,plasma,urine etc.
Sample volume:2ul~100uL.
Reagent volume:20~100uL.
Throughput:150 samples/per hour.
Accuracy:Maximum precision and highest sensitivity. Blank measurement is automatically processed in the same cuvette. CV<5%
Reference:Calibrated against the International Reference Material CRM470
Calibration:Magnetic card system. No need to do calibration curve.
Temperature control:Auto temperature control and mixing.
Test step: Reagent prepared in the cuvette from factory,easy to operate. Results can be reported within 15 seconds to 2 minutes
Display: 5.6 inch high resolution color touch screen.
Storage : Can be saved 10000 sample data,and can be extended by SD card
Interface:COM RS-232 .
Device extension:.Compatable with bar code reader, LIS and HIS.
Printer: Built-in Thermal and manual printing is optional.
Working temperature:15℃~35℃;Humidity:≤85%RH.
Power:≤ 60VA.
CRP Assay in whole blood
Assay range: 0.8-300 mg/L
Only 2-20 ul venous or capillary blood required
Results available with 2 minutes
HbA1C assay
One step latex-enhanced direct method, no need for determination of total hemoglobin
Results according to NGSP or IFCC
Time saving
Assay range: 3-15%
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