3V LiMnO2 CR2/CR15270 lithium battery 800mAh Made in China

3V LiMnO2 CR2/CR15270 lithium battery 800mAh Made in China
Jinshan Ind. Zone, No. 375, Xixiang Section, Guangshen Road, Xixiang Street, Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, 518102, China
Category:Lithium Ion Batteries


Product Description
Part no.: CR2 CR15H270
Nominal voltage: 3V
Nominal capacity: 850mAh
Size: 15*27mm
Operating temeprature: -20°C to +60°C
1.High operating voltage
2.Suitable for large current
3.Low self-discharge rate
4.Wide working temperature range
5.Stable discharge voltage
6.Excellent leakage-proof
7.Excellent safety characteristic
8. Superior drain capacity.
9. Long service life-10 years
10. Short delivery,reasonable price and perfect service.
11. Self-develop, Strong machinery ability & quickly developing new type's battery
12. powerful equipments, strong production ability
* Cameras, Vidicon, radios, audio equipments
* Fax machine, copy machine, pinter and other OA devices
* Glare flashlight
* Safety device, household smoke/fire alarm
* ETC, cash register
* FA instruments, Electric meters(Water meter, gas meter, ammeter...)
* Memory backup power source
* Medical equipments
* Other electric devices
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