MP2 Model Commercial Microwave Oven

MP2 Model Commercial Microwave Oven
No.2501 of Jingshidong Road, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
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CheerChef MP2 Model

Commercial Microwave Oven

2100w,3100w,15.3L (0.54 CFT), 1-deck

Touch mode with smart menu system

Keyboard mode with simple function


■ Microwave output power: 2100w, Top launch; 3100w, Top + Bottom launch;

■ Magnetron Qty: 2100w, 2-mag on top; 3100w, 2-mag on top,1-mag on bottom.

■ Oven capacity: 15.3 L(0.54 CFT), 1-deck

■ Control mode: Touch mode / Keyboard mode

■ Microwave power levels: Touch mode-10 levels; Keyboard-5 levels

■ Stage Cooking: Touch mode-6 stages; Keyboard-1 stages

■ Programmable memory recipes: Touch mode-144 recipes

■ USB smart card: Touch mode supply the USB smart card function through which users can transfer the menu data from one microwave oven to another one.

■ Image function: Touch mode supply the image function through which users can upload the images to microwave oven.

■ Exterior finish and interior Finish: Stainless steel

Suitable for

| Quick Service Restaurants | Western Restaurant | Coffee Bars | Fastfood Noshery | Contract

Catering | Concessions, Franchise Stores | Pizza Restaurants | Bakeries | Barbecue | Cstores | Food Court | Quick Casual | Hotels | Pubs | Restaurants | Railway Catering | Motorway Catering Services | Full Service Restaurants |

MP2 model technical specifications (output power 2100w, 3100w):

Explanation for model selection

MP2 T212, MP2- product model, T212- function type, different function type different control mode and power, (T-touch control mode, 21-microwave output power: 2100w, 2-total Qty for magnetron: 2);

MP2 K313, MP2- product model, K313- function type, ( K-keyboard control mode, 31-microwave output power: 3100w, 3-total Qty for magnetron: 3 )
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