Spinplus XC-3000 Centrifuge

Spinplus XC-3000 Centrifuge
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Category:Laboratory Centrifuge


Product Information
Spinplus is the most powerful and competitive centrifuge
in its classist can be placed 6 of 15ml conical tubes
or glass tubes, 8 of 15ml conical tubes
or glass tubes conical tubes which with screw caps
The speed can be l00- 5000RPM. the LCD display
with ability to change be between RPM and RCF
• Safety lid-lock
• LCD display showing
• Open lid automatically
• The operation interface simple and easy
• 8 or 6 of 15ml conical tubes with screw
caps can be placed
The centrifuge is ideal for the separation of serum plasma. urea, blood samples and other routine applications in hospital and research laboratories.

 Easy to use, real-time display of all operating information.
 low noise, small interference, maintenance-free.
 Gentle braking at low speeds with efficient separation acceleration and braking time(20-80 seconds) can be adjustable for the 0-5000rpm speed
 The LCD display with ability to change between RPM and RCF
 Separate short spin button for convenient and quick spins .
 Automatic release the lid when operation has stopped to save processing time
 Operation can be timed from 1 seconds t0 99 minutes and 59 seconds with bell signal after finish operation
 Safety lid-lock prevent opening the centrifuge lid until the rotor has stopped spinning.

Model Spinplus XC-3000
Max. Rotational Speed(RPM) 0-5000rpm
(in 100 rpm increments)
Relative centrifugal force(RCF ) 3074xg
Time Range 1sec-99min and 59 seconds
Acceleration time to max. speed 20-80 seconds available
Braking time from max. speed 20-80 seconds available
Lid Open Auto Stop Yes
Capacity Angle rotor 8*15ml; 6*15ml; 12*5/10 ml
Power 40W
Voltage Supply AC 110v-60Hz or 230v-50/60Hz
Dimension(mm) 340x270x400
Weight(kg) 5

Ordering information:
Cat.No. Code.No. Specification
9011101 L-Spinplus-6 220v 50Hz include 15mlx6 rotor
9011102 L-Spinplus-6 110v 60Hz include 15mlx6 rotor
9011103 L-Spinplus-8 220v 50Hz include 15mlx8 rotor
9011104 L-Spinplus-8 110v 60Hz include 15mlx8 rotor
9011105 L-Spinplus-12 220v 50Hz include 5mlx12 rotor
9011106 L-Spinplus-12 110v 60Hz include 5mlx12 rotor
9011101-A Rotor (15mlx6) for 15mlx6 (D12X75glass tube)
9011101-B Rotor (15mlx8) for 15ml conical tube with screw caps
9011101-C Rotor (5mlx12) for 5ml conical tube with screw caps
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