Diamond Honing Tools for Keyway Bores, Multi-stone Honing head

Diamond Honing Tools for Keyway Bores, Multi-stone Honing head
Zhengzhou, Henan, 450000, China
Min. order:1 sets.
Payment terms:T/T / Paypal
Sample price:$300 / pcs.
Material:Steel + Superabrasive stones
Product certifications:ISO9000
Usage:Bore honing
Customization:For bore diameter larger than 12mm, we can design multi-stone hone head for your specific application.
Warranty:6 months.
Packaging:Carton box.
Lead time:2 - 3 weeks
Port:FOB Beijing, Guangzhou
HTS code:846610000
With over 20 years of Honing experience in both of applicaiton and manufacturing. BOSON Abrasives supply a wide range of replacements of Sunnen Honing stones, Honing Mandrels, Wedges, Adapters. All of our honing tools are compatible with your existing honing tools. Just give us your existing use Sunnen code is Okay.

Standard Honing Mandrels incl.

S series = Steel Mandrel with soft guide shoes, for honing most materials.

H series = Steel Mandrel with hardened guide shoes for production honing or hard, rough parts, carbide, ceramic, glass.

B series = Bronze Mandrel for very fine finishes and honing exotic metals.

For bore diameter large than 12mm, we provide multi-stone honing tools, which features high cutting efficiency, high bore accuracy and longer tool llife.

Meanwhile, we produce special honing tools incl. Diamond Plated Super Mandrels, Carbide Inserts Shoes Mandrels, and Extended Shank Mandrels.

BOSON Abrasives use the world best abrasives from Element Six and with innovation bond system, which ensures high quality of honing abrasives. Contact us now for sample and price.
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