1A1R Diamond cut off wheel for carbide, Ultra thin diamond cutting discs

1A1R Diamond cut off wheel for carbide, Ultra thin diamond cutting discs
Zhengzhou, Henan, 450000, China
Min. order:5 pcs.
Payment terms:T/T
Sample price:$20
Brand name:Boson Abrasives
Model number:1A1R
Material:Synthetic Diamond / CBN + Steel core
Usage:Carbide, glass, ceramics and other material's Cutting off or grooving
Warranty:3 months
Packaging:Carton box
Lead time:7 ~ 12 days
Port:FOB Beijing
HTS code:6804221000


BOSON Abrasives produces a variety of diamond and CBN cut off wheels in different diameters and thickness, for both wet and dry cutting applications.

Diamond cutting wheels are used for efficient cutting of hard, short-chipping and wear resistant materials such as glass, ceramics and carbide, graphite, quartz, ferrite and semiconductor materials.

CBN cutting wheels are used for cutting materials with an affinity for carbon, such as iron-based alloys. High-alloy steels such as HSS and chrome steel with 12% Cr. , hardened steel from 55 HRC and magnetic materials. Soft, long-chipping materials accumulate in the chip space, so they are tend to clog. Compromises can be achieved with electroplated bonds.

The cutting wheels consist of a steel core with the cutting layer on the periphery. The cutting layer in sintered metal, resin or electroplated metal bond contain either diamond or CBN. The conbination of bond, type of abrasive, concentration and grit size leads to different tool characteristics which are specified to meet the requirements of different processes and applications.

Cut-off Wheel Diameter from 60mm to 400mm, Thickness from 0.5mm to 2.8mm.

Resin bond cut off wheels has elasticity, good surface quality, the good edge for abrasive grains, sharp cutting and high efficiency.

Metal bond cut off wheel has high bonding strength, wear resistance, good shape retention and long working life.


* Tungsten carbide rods and sheets;
* Fuse glass tube, quartz glass, various glass tubes, crystallite glass, precious stones, crystals, jade materials, etc.
* Silicon oxide / zirconia / alumina / black ceramic / ceramic pipes, etc.;
* Sapphire
* High borosilicate glass tube, quartz tube, induction lighting,U-tube, electronic cigarette tube, chemical laboratory equipment, etc.
* Glass cup (tea leak) opening;
* Quartz glass tube, quartz glass rod, quartz glass sheet, fused quartz glass tube (heart tube), fused quartz glass rod, quartz glass boat, quartz crucible, etc.
* Magnetic materials: neodymium iron boron, silicon steel, amorphous, nanocrystalline, ferrite material, magnetic powder core, etc.
* Optical glass: camera lens, microscope lens, magnifying lens, telescope lens, spectacle lens, glass lens, optical prism;
* Printed circuit board,Electronic components;
* High-speed steel, die steel, alloy steel, and etc.(use CBN cut off wheel)
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