Sunnen Diamond Honing Stones, Borazon Honing Stones NM55, NM05, NM85, NM95

Sunnen Diamond Honing Stones, Borazon Honing Stones NM55, NM05, NM85, NM95
Zhengzhou, Henan, 450000, China
Min. order:5 pcs
Payment terms:T/T
Sample price:$20 / PCS.
Material:Diamond or CBN
Product certifications:ISO 9000
Usage:Bore honing
Warranty:6 months.
Packaging:Plastic Box.
Lead time:2 weeks.
Port:FOB Beijing, Guangzhou
HTS code:6804229000


1. BOSON Abrasives supply a full range of Superabrasives (diamond or CBN )Honing Stones, mounted and un-mounted abrasive sticks.

2. Replacements of Sunnen Honing Abrasives, Size: K3, K4, K5, K6, K8, K10, K12, K16, K20, L3, L4, L5, L6, L8, L10, L12, L16, L20, P20, P28, R28, H70, H50. Other size available upon request.

3. Bond Type: Metal bond

4. Grit Size: Our Diamond or CBN Honing Stones are made with GRIT SIZE from D251 to D46 according to FEPA standard and Finer grit size also available on request.

5. Metal bond CBN Honing Stones are suitable for efficient honing of case hardened steel (approx.60+-2 HRC), high alloy steels, centrifugal cast coatings, titanium-aluminum alloys.

6. Metal bond Diamond Honing Stones are suitable for honing welded soft steels, cast iron (GG25 to GGG60), bronze, brass, and other non-ferrous heavy metals, Nikasil, LDS, APS, Ceramics and other wear-resistant coatings.

7. Machines: Designed used on SUNNEN, Nagel, Gehring, Kadia, Engis, Nissin, Fuji, Delapean, MAS and others.

8. Honing tools: Single-stone honing tools, Multi-stone honing tools, Honing Heads, Single Pass Honing Tools.

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