Marine Willow Step Pilot's Rope Ladder / Rope Ladder EC / CCS certification

Marine Willow Step Pilot's Rope Ladder / Rope Ladder EC / CCS certification
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Warranty:1 year
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Main Specification: 

1. Step material: Hard wood 

2. Rope material: Nylon, or manila 

3. Length: 3100mm to 18500mm 

4. Step thickness: 25mm 

5. Step width: 60mm 

6. Step length: 525mm 

7. Space between rungs: 350mm 

1. The embarkation ladder is used for the embarkation and disembarkation of the crews form board to ship. The design of our pilot ladder is totally in accordance with the ISO standard, IMO standard, and kinds of Classification Society's requirement. 

2. Our products always have excellent quality, competitive price. 

3. CCS certificate provided 

Emergency Rope Ladder is used to enable passengers and crew to embark on ship or disembark from lifeboats during an emergency. 

In accordance with the 2000 Amendments to SOLAS 1974 and LSA. 

The lowest 4 steps are rubber plates with steel lining; The count-down fifth plate is spreader step, and there are 8 short boards between two neighboring spreader steps; The distance between two neighboring steps: 310 ± 5 mm. 

We can offer Pilot Rope Ladder and Embarkation Rope Ladder. 
Rope Ladder Thimble, Wood Step and Rubber Plate are available
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