Marine Stainless Steel Electric Heating Water Tank0.12-1.0M3

Marine Stainless Steel Electric Heating Water Tank0.12-1.0M3
NO.07-08, Jintai Building, NO, 23 West Road, Nanping, Nan'anDistrict, Chongqing, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Other Marine Supplies


CAPACITY: 0.12-1.0M3

This series Electric Heating Hot Water Tank are suitable for heating water on the ship or platform, and heated the fresh water for crew use.

Specification of Electric Heating Water Tank
This series hot water tank can be combined to use with fresh water pressure tank on board, that is using fresh water to renew the stock of hot water tank, and then heated by electric for usage of entire vessel.

-Pressure Gauge: showing the pressure in tank
-Thermometer: showing the water temperature in tank.
-Main Body
-Temperature Controller: controlling electric heater to begin or stop heating when water temperature changes
-Safety Valve: releasing the pressure in tank when pressure more than 0.42MPa
-Electric Control Box
-Liquid Level Relay
-Electric Heater
-Discharge Valve

The tank is controlled automatically.
If the water temperature in tank is lower than 55 centigrade, the electric heater will start to heat automatically until the water in tank reaching 65 centigrade, . Then the electric heater stops heating. If the float level switch finds that there is no water in hot water tank, the electric heater controlled by electric control box will not work.
For the hot water tank which has two or three groups of electric heater, the device will adopt segmentation heating method to realize due to the large power of electric heater. 1min later, another group electric heater will start to work. By the analogy, all of the electric heater will stop heating after the water in tank reaching 65 centigrade,
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