1A1 Shape Straight Diamond Grinding Wheel for Carbide Tools Grinding

1A1 Shape Straight Diamond Grinding Wheel for Carbide Tools Grinding
Zhengzhou, Henan, 450000, China
Min. order:2 pcs.
Payment terms:T/T / Paypal
Sample price:$50
Usage:Tool's Grinding & Sharpening
Warranty:6 Months
Packaging:Carton Box.
Lead time:2 weeks.
Port:FOB Beijing, Guangzhou
HTS code:6804221000


Diamond grinding wheel is kind of circular consolidation abrasive tool, which can be divided into four types according to binder: Resin bond type, Ceramic bond type, Metal bond type, electroplated type.

Features of Diamond Grinding Wheel

It has good polishing effect, very sharp and seldom clogging while grinding, more specific features as follows:

1. High grinding efficiency, relative low consumption while grinding;

2. Good self sharpness, small thermal power and seldom clogging, which can greatly reduce the incidence of burn while grinding;

3. With certain elasticity, it is good for improving the surface roughness of workpiece, which is mainly used for fine grinding, semi fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processing;

4. Low temperature curing, short production cycle, relative simple equipment & supplying process; Also, since the resin has fluidity, it is easy to shaped as the wheel with complex surface.
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