High speed strip splitter with center surface coiling cutting machine

High speed strip splitter with center surface coiling cutting machine
Anyang Street, Wenzhou, China
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ESecond, the machine main components
The machine consists of corrective unwinding institutions, cutting structure, the rolling bodies, transmission and electrical control.
Agencies main configuration and specifications
(A) unwinding institutions
The device has a manual aspect of offset can be eliminated due to the tension of raw material at both ends arising from Bohou or paper core non-circularity different and wrinkled.
Unwinding tension to the high linear magnetic powder brake actuator output torque balancing the tension fluctuation can be reduced to a minimum.

Unwinding specifications: maximum width of700mm, phi diameter 1000mm
Paper tube clamping method: air shaft clamping
  Specifications: 3in 1 root of the air shaft 1 piece
         A pneumatic gun 1 piece
Tension control: closed-loop tension control.
      The output control: 200N.M 1 piece
magnetic brakes 1 piece
Correction perform: tracking the substrate by the photoelectric eye correction controller for a given signal, the motor drive ball screw execution.
  Specifications: photoelectric eye 1 piece
         Two linear bearings4 piece
         A corrective institutions 1 piece
         The photoelectric eye fine-tuning 1 sets
(B) cutting machine configuration
  The agency uses carbide precision disc disc knife (slitting relatively thick aluminum foil, paper and other materials) or (and) straight knife cutting (slitting general plastic film), neat incision, long life, cutting up and down knife shaft width adjustment processing, between the upper and lower blade shaft gear speed matching. Turning the handwheel implementation under the knife, the knife continues to rotate automatically rely.
Tool axis: under the knife shaft each one
2 locking device: a fast by knife device, able to lock on the knife shaft, to avoid slitting knife from the up and down or move due to quality problems.
Specifications: a rocker arm
           A locking shaft
           With gear
           A worm gear
3. Row waste: by blowing high pressure air feed tube diversion, the scrap material to exclude
   Specifications: 1 fan
           A duct
4 main wall: steel wall panels, effective shock absorption, enabling machine high-speed and stable operation.
  Specifications: 30MM
5. Guide rollers: chrome plated, polished.
  Specifications: φ80 × 750mm certain
(C) the rolling bodies
The agency uses the left-right axis biaxial winding winding with pressure arm balance internal and external pressure. The transmission uses two independent magnetic particle motor drive uniaxial tension adjustable.
Winding Specifications: width up to 700mm, diameter 600mm(or diameter 420mm)
Paper tube clamping means: air shaft clamp (according to customer material specifications)
Specifications: 3in 2 root of the air shaft
Rewinding pressure: differential pressure pneumatic compression, the pressure can be adjusted by pneumatic pressure regulator
Specifications: Pressure arm 2
      Cylinder 2
Tension control: magnetic motor constant torque output
Specifications: motor controller
Winding execution: magnetic motor 2 (specifications 50N.M) Single head swing arm unloading(Or general discharge)
(D) transmission mechanism
The inverter is used to control the main motor operation, convenient lifting speed, the speed adjustment the excessive soft, smooth.
Drive mode: General inverter control of AC motor drive
Specification: 7.5KW exchange motor
      Supporting inverters (domestic well-known brand, quality assurance)
(E) Major appliances:
Centrally electric control cabinet box, elegant, and easy to operate.
Operation of a cabinet
Comptroller display a realistic real-time linear velocity, Hutchison meters automatic stop function (with deceleration stop function, Hutchison Mickey the error)
Optical correction controller 1
Button, contactors, air switches
Users themselves:
1.50 Hz, 380V three-phase five-wire power supply
2 foundation treatment
Mounting equipment and commissioning of the raw materials, auxiliary
quipment effective width 700MM, mechanical speed 150M/min
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