Straw Single Packing Machine with 2 Colors Printer

Straw Single Packing Machine with 2 Colors Printer
Anyang Street, Wenzhou, China
Category:Other Packaging Machines


This machine is used to packing drinking straws in three sides sealing bag, printing function is available when using paper as packing material.
1.Having two colors printing device can be chosen
2.With automatic product counting function, product quantity may pre-set, once the pre-set value is reached. the machine will give an alarm. And the dam-brush will separate each set quantity packaged straw.
3.Printing, feeding, and packing can complete in one processing.
4.Packing straw length is adjustable within a certain range.
Drink Straw Diameter(mm) 5-12mm
Need change some parts.
Straw Length(mm) Standard: 190-210mm
Extra mould: 170-260mm
By change the sealing and cutting mold, printing cylinder
Packing Model Paper type: wrap paper
Sealing type: 3 side sealing
25-30mm;Paper width: 25-30mm
Production Speed With printing:300pcs/min
Without printing>400pcs/min
Printing Printing Color:Double Colour
Printing type: flexographic
Thickness of plate (Including Two-sides Glue Paper): 2.28mm+double-sided adhesive 0.1mm(3M Brand)=2.38mm
Paper Unwinding Frame 1SET
Tension adjust:Mechanical tension device, adjusted by manual
Wrap paper roller core size:3inch,4.7inch
Straw feeding hopper Material :Stainless steel frame,
Plexiglass: Adjustable to match straw length
Straw down device:induction and swing arm
Feeding model:by chain feeding
Printing Unit
Single/Double Color
Power transmission :By chain
Between printing unit: By gear
Traction unit:1sets, rubber roller and chrome plated roller
Printing unit:Ink container, anilox roller, doctor blade, printing cylinder, rubber roller
Dry unit:1SET , by hot air, with temperature
color register:By manual
Sealing and Cutting Parts Lengthways sealing:Sealing roller-on couple,pressure adjusted by manual
Horizontal:Sealing roller-on couple,pressure adjusted by manual, with cutting knife-one couple
Material:mould steel
Conveyor Belt 1set, Synchronous reduction motor+ controller
Counter dam-brush: one set, lifting by pneumatic cylinder
Controller Counter and buzzers:1set,HUALI Brand
Controlling inverter: 1.1KW Schneider
Temperature controller:1set,KEQIANG Brand
Low-voltage electric parts: Schneider
Total Power (Kw) 1.5 (220V)
Over size (mm) 1900×1000×1600 (L×W×H)
Weight (Kg) 400
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