UV Water Sterilizer of Water Treatment Plant 1.3 ton -50 t/h

UV Water Sterilizer of Water Treatment Plant 1.3 ton -50 t/h
Chongqing Gathering Marine Equipment Co., Ltd
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Aug 1, 2019
Bases on the latest technology, to create a high effective disinection unit for drinking water, we developed UIV series UV-sterilizer, which covers wide capacity for reaching different applications in industry and marine fields. 

The UV Sterilizer is used to kill all kinds of bacteria so as to make the treated water meet the potable standard and the requirements of potable water quality stipulated by WHO.

Main features of UV-sterilizer: 
-UV Sterilizer Treatment Equipment capacity: From1.3m3/h to 60t/h. 
-The service life of UV Lamp can reach 8000h 
- Stainless steel chamber with no corrosion 
-User friendly interface with PLC for easy operation and understanding 
-Monitor the UV intensity in real time 
-Diagnose the fault of UV light in real time 
-UV lamp status monitoring system indicating clearly which lamp to the change 
-The Automatic statistics of working time 

UV Sterilizer Technical Data: 
Voltage: 230VAC 50/60HZ 
Power consumption: 35-290w 
UV-dosage: 36000Ws/cm2 
Max Working pressure: 10 bar 
Material chamber: 316L 
Weight: 15-25kg