SiRF V GPS/GLONASS Module with MMCX connector Ct-G354 GPS Engine Board

SiRF V GPS/GLONASS Module with MMCX connector Ct-G354 GPS Engine Board
Connectec Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Aug 2, 2019
May 25, 2020
The Ct-G354 utilized SiRFstarV ™ and features Quad-GNSS for tracking GPS, GLONASS, BDS and Galileo satellites. The product family delivers highly accurate continuous location, advanced power management and high interference immunity. These continue to push the envelope of performance in sensitivity, TTFF and urban canyon availability and accuracy. With a built-in DSP and extremely low power consumption, the family can get fast location fixes for geo-tagging images or videos, asset tracking and wearable applications.

● GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS and SBAS reception for high GNSS availability and accuracy
● High sensitivity navigation engine (PVT) tracks as low as
- GPS : -165 dBm
- GLONASS : -161 dBm
● 52 track verification channels
● Active Jammer Remover, removes in-band jammers up to 80 dB-Hz
● Tracks up to 8 CW jammers
● Multimode A-GPS (Autonomous, MS-Based, and MS-Assisted), need operator support.
● Embedded CGEE / SGEE (With back-end server support) speed up TTFF a lot and makes cold start time to be around 20+ seconds.
● SiRFGeoRecovTM Reverse EE makes positioning process being done under power saving mode.
● Reacquisition Time : 0.1 second
● RF Metal Shield for best performance in noisy environments

Hardware and Software
● Based on the high performance features of the SiRFstarV™ low power single core logic.
● Adaptive micropower controller
● Only 50 to 500μA maintains hot start capability (core logic)
● < 10mW required for TricklePower™ mode
● RoHS compliant (lead-free)
● Advanced navigation features
● Smart sensor supported by I²C interface
● External interrupt input for context change detection
● MMCX RF Connect

● Built-in LNA.
● Built-in internal ROM and based on Firmware 5.5.X
● It can remove in-band jammer up to 80db-Hz and track up to 8CW jammers, so the module can prevent GPS signal interference when design-in the electrical device with noisy electrical signal interferences such as Laptop, mobile phone, DSC, etc.
● Maintain tracking sensitivity as low as GPS @ -165dBm, GLONASS @ -161dBm, even without network assistance. (SiRFstar III has only -159dBm sensitivity)
● Support SiRFaware™ technology
● Support adaptive“Micro Power Controller”power management mode.
● < 10mW TricklePower™, so user can leave power on all day instead of power off.
● Suitable for battery drive devices that need lower power consumption application
● Ideal for high volume mass production(Taping reel package)
● Cost saving through elimination of RF and board to board digital connectors
● Flexible and cost effective hardware design for different applications
● Embed CGEE (Client Generated Extended Ephemeris) that can capture ephemeris data from satellites locally and predicts ephemeris up to 3 days. So if the module was off within 3 days, it could complete positioning process with limited time just like hot start.