Probe Ntc Sensor Gas Boiler

Probe Ntc Sensor Gas Boiler
NO.119 Dongzha Road, Tinghu District, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, 224000, China


Product Features
Armored thermal RTD is an industrial temperature sensor. It is slender, flexible, easily bending and shock-resistant. They are more accurate, sensitive, durable and short-in-response-time. Sheathed thermocouple is coated with stainless steel casing, filled with high-density oxide insulator material inside.

Therefore, it has very good mechanical strength,with anti-pollution feature in abominable environments.

RTD can be used tomeasure the temperature from -200~850°C, directly linked to the copper wire or other secondary instruments. Because of its excellent electrical output characteristics for the indicator,

it can provide accurate data to recorder, regulator,scanners, computers and other devices.

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