Power Transformer Insulating Oil Purifier Series ZYD,Oil Purifier Machine

Power Transformer Insulating Oil Purifier Series ZYD,Oil Purifier Machine
No.31-7 Centre Plaza, Shapingba District, Chongqing, 400030, China
Product certifications:ISO9001 CE
Warranty:1 year
HTS code:84212990


Oils inside transformers are mainly for insulating purpose- apart from which they also suppress corona and arcing, and also act as coolants inside the machines. These oils must be maintained absolutely clean and dry in order to achieve and sustain the optimal insulating performance and dielectric strength. Here rises the need for transformer oil purification process. ASSEN ZYD Power Transformer Insulating Oil Purifier Machine is the key to transformer reliability, performance and longevity. Your transformer's insulating oil should be free from moisture, dissolved gases and particles that accumulate as the oil ages. Even some new oils may require treatment to limit these contents to acceptable levels.

Optional Model:
● Optional P.L.C. intelligent panel control, touch screen operation and dynamic display according to user needs.
● Optional Online PPM Meter, Optional flow meter with accumulator function.
● Optional frequency converter, you can adjust the flow according to your needs
● Optional external port design for transformer vacuum pumping
● The whole structure can be made into mobile, fixed, fully enclosed, concealed, canvas, open type.
● Optional three stage high vacuum system for higher vacuum degree work.

Aftre treatment
Moisture PPM ≤3
Gas content % ≤0.01
Impurity size μ ≤1 (no free carbon)
Breakdown voltage kV ≥75
IFT dynes/cm ≥40
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤0.03
Dielectric loss factors tgδ(90°C) ≤0.001

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