Resin Bond Micron Diamond EA-RW11

Resin Bond Micron Diamond  EA-RW11
Henan E-Grind Abrasives Co., Ltd
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Aug 14, 2019
May 30, 2020
Diamond Resin bond micron

The Friable type of diamond micron.

Diamond Resin bond micron Is made from Diamond Resin Bond Mesh. It has a multi-crystalline structure, rough surface, and uniform shape. The sharp edges always generate during cutting, grinding, lapping, and finishing. With such unique characteristics, Diamond Resin bond micron provides high working efficiency, good surface finishing and long using life to the workpieces.

E-Grind supplies various types of Diamond Resin Bond Micron with the full sizes range. All of them are made from strict grading and cleaning processes. By advance testing machines, each lot during production and before shipment has been tested well to make sure of quality consistency, to meet customers’ demand in surface finishing, using life and working efficiency.

Application: Resin bond system and Verified bond system, for Tungsten Carbide, glass, ceramic cutting, grinding, lapping and polishing.


Premium type.

Light dark, very blocky, very tight particle size distribution, very clean.

High self-sharpening performance, have high finishing effect on processed material.

Available sizes: 0-0.5 through 40-60

Nickel coating is also available on the sizes coarser than 8-12.