High Tension 43t 110 Mesh White / Yellow 100% Polyester Printing Mesh

High Tension 43t 110 Mesh White / Yellow 100% Polyester Printing Mesh
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White / yellow 100% Polyester Print Mesh High Tension With 43T 110 Mesh 
1. All environmental friendly certification and approval
2. Color: white, yellow and other unlimited colors
3. Width can be cut upon your request
In the field of mesh fabrics for screen printing, nowadays the low-elongation polyester screen mesh has already replaced the traditional silk mesh and is dominating the screen printer in the world due to its tensile strength, elastic memory and resistance to chemicals, abrasion heat and moisture. It is said "can be used to print on anything except air and water", which is exactly what meshfiltration co.  is producing now in a wide range of mesh counts, and our products offer significant advantages over the traditional monofilament polyester.

Mesh Count
cm mesh


Thread Diameter um
80 um

Mesh Opening(um)
150 um

Open Area(%)
43 %

Average Thickness um
132 um

Ink Volume  cm³/

Suggestion Highest Tension
35-40 N/cm

Our polyester screen printing mesh are used widely in textile printing, electronic printing, PCN, CDS, ceramics, glass, stained paper printing, labei plate, advertising, plastic. etc
Competitive Advantage:
Improved fabric strength
Faster tension stabilization
High tension and low elongation.
Precision bore, well-distributed, stabilization, superior stencil adhesion.
Accurate printing precision control; holds finer detail with no compromise in stencil durability.
Time-dependent stability and good cohesion with sensitive emulsion.
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