CO2 Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine

CO2 Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Bldg#A1 and A5, Fangxing Science and Technology Park, Baonan Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen 518116 China
Min. order:1
Payment terms:Allow L/C / T/T / Western Union / Paypal/ Money Gram / Others(VISA) Payment Method
Sample price:free
Origin:Shenzhen China
Brand name:Superwave Laser
Model number:SW-CLM
Weight per unit:100KGS
Product certifications:CE,EDA
Usage:Fiber Laser Marker
Customization:OEM Acceptable
Warranty:1 year
Packaging:Standard Export Package Custom Suffocating Free
Lead time:1 Week after receiving depoisit


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CO2 Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine




Beam Quality:M2 < 1.3/M2 < 1.3/M2 < 1.5/M2 < 1.5/M2 < 2.0

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Min.Character Size:< 0.5mm

Marking range: 100mmx100mm

(50mmx50mm~300mmx300mm optional)

Engraving line speed:≤7000mm/s

Rated Power:≤0.5kW/≤0.5kW/≤0.8kW/≤1kW/≤1kW

Power Supply:AC220V±50Hz

Cooling System:Air cooling


The optical fiber laser markers feature high efficiency in electrical/optical conversion,and wind

cooling is employed. The whole system is small in size, with high beam output quality, high reliability, super long
service life, and saving energy.The markers are able to engrave beautiful images on metallic and plastic surfaces.


1.Small size with less power consumption;

2.High speed scanner head;

3.Stable property;

4.Long lifetime:life expectancy is 100,000 hours;

5.No maintenance;

6.Red light preview:show the marking position before marking.

Applicable materials and industries

Applicable to fields with high requirements for depth, smoothness and fineness,jewelry, for example, clocks, watches,
mould and bitmap marking.

1.Which incoterm can support?
All the incoterms can support, we will select suitable freight as your request.

2.What is the guarantee period?
General is one year, can extend by discussion, we will free take charge of any problem within guarantee
period (except man-made damage). outside the period we will still do our best to help to keep the
machine running well.

3. How to use the machine?
Operation instruction and video will help you to use the machine, also our engineer will teach you any time
by email when you are confused.

4.How pay?
TT, Paypal, Western Union. Other payment need confirm with us.

We promise:

1.Any question with prompt reply.
2.Welcome to send samples for test, we will freight free to send it back.

Please tell us what materials will be processed? We will provide you the best cost-effective solutions.
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