6550 x-ray baggage scanner bag x ray machine to check needle, metal, pin

6550 x-ray baggage scanner bag x ray machine to check needle, metal, pin
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Oct 14, 2019
PRODUCT: X Ray Baggage Scanner TUNNEL SIZE: 650(W)x500(H) Mm
FILM SAFETY: ISO 1600 Film-safe GENERATE DIRECT: From Bottom To Top
PACKGAE: Plywood Case
6550 x-ray baggage scanner bag x ray machine to check needle, metal, pin

Input electric pressure 220V 50Hz The angle X-ray 60°
X tube terminal voltage (output)

70kV Working methods Continuously
X electric current (output) 0.5~0.7mA Coolant conditions Oil soak self-cooling

The conveyer's transmission has rises the tight installmegnt, the conveyer belt is the glide bed, skids the bed for a long time when the biggest load capacity work not permanent distortion.

The conveyer belt driving mechanism uses the motorized pulley, conforms to the IEC standard, easy to maintain and the replacement. The roller electrical machinery's insulation grade is higher than the F level.

The transport tape principal constituent is PU; The double-decked polyester cloth contains filling, the surface layer is PU, the first floor is the knitting, is suitable the operating temperature scope for - 5~+50. The leather belt thickness tolerance is ±10%, the leather belt length tolerance is ±0.3%, the leather belt curvature is smaller than 5mm/5m. Anti-static electricity, being flame-resistant, mold proofing, non-toxic characteristic. The belt lace cementation, the intensity is the same with leather belt .

The conveyer belt is equipped with moves installs, may prevent the leather belt to run. the belt fastener exports the end, disposes the stainless steel nonmotile slippery bed to prevent the baggage to tumble the ground.

2)X-ray control parts

The security check equipment uses the X-ray source is composed of the X-ray generator and the control section. the X-ray generator is seals together x fluorescent tube and the high-pressured module, the interior pours into the oil to use in insulating and cooling; The control section provides the high-pressured actuation and the filament current actuation, and provides high-pressured, the beam flux, the heat flow value demonstration.

1. What is the minimum order quantity?

The MOQ is 1 piece.

2. What is the lead time?

3-5days after T/T payment, for other products please contact us for details.

3. What is the payment term?

The payment term is T/T ,L/C before shipment.

4: How does your company and factory do regarding quality control?

Every products will be detected after producing and approved by ISO9001,CEand RoHS certificate.

6550 x-ray baggage scanner bag x ray machine to check needle, metal, pin