BOLI Softed Winter Graphene Heating Seat Pad

BOLI Softed Winter Graphene Heating Seat Pad
FOB price:$2.4-3.6 / Square meter
Min. order:1 Set
Payment terms:t/t l/c
Sample price:Free
Lead time:3 days


BOLI Softed Winter Graphene Heating Seat Pad

New Style Portable Softed Winter Graphene Heating Seat Cushion 5V with USB Connector Graphene Far Infrared Cushion

Customized graphene products available. Welcome to consult.

Product specs

1. Graphene far infrared therapy

2. Smart temperature control

3. 5V safe voltage

4. Even heating

5. Wide usage, for car, office, hotel, gifts,etc.

Product advantages

1. Graphene far infrared heating wavelength is close to human body's, and has a physiotherapy effect.

2. Uniform heat generation, no electromagnetic radiation.

3. Fast heating, can feel heat in 3 seconds.

4. Adopt USB connector, 5V low voltage, environment friendly.

5. Graphene heat does not break and cause short circuit to cause safety risks.

6. Will not burn human skin.

7. Graphene far-infrared heating cushion is a heat-generating graphene heating film that is ideal for human body therapy. Graphene releases 6-14μm far-infrared during heating, which is close to the infrared frequency of human body and can produce the most effective resonance with the water molecules of cells in the living body. Meanwhile, it has permeability and can effectively promote plant growth. Therefore, it is also called life light wave. It can reduce all kinds of discomfort for sedentary and protect your health.

Graphene technology introduction

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial. Graphene has excellent optical, electrical and mechanical properties. It has important application prospects in materials science, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery, and is considered to be a revolutionary material in the future.

Wide applications

1. Automotive: leather seat, leather seat cover, neck pillow
2. Clothes, shoes, gloves, cotton shoes, insoles, warm clothing, down jackets, hats.
3. Medical: waist, knee pads, neck protection, elbow pads, wrist guards, ankle guards
4. Physiotherapy products, medical equipment: Infusion blood transfusion humidifier, Chinese medicine Shujing Tongluo physiotherapy instrument, medical insulation box, medical insulation bag, physiotherapy heating cushion,physiotherapy heating mattress, physiotherapy heating pedicure instrument, heating physiotherapy headrest
5. Outdoor: camping tent, outdoor insulation sleeping bag, hiking backpack, cycling suit, hiking boots, mountaineering suit.
6. Insulation cup, insulated water bag, incubator: travel heating cup, travel heating pot, travel heating water bag, self-driving folding heating box, outdoor heating box, heating pot
7. Building decoration: heating floor tiles, heating wall boards, heating carpets, heating mattresses, etc.
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