Glass Beads

Glass Beads
#1409, No. 1 Building, Lvdi Centre, Daxue South Road, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450000, China
Payment terms:L/C,T/T
Sample price:Free
Brand name:Sicheng
Model number:80#
Lead time:5-10days after payment
Port:Tianjin, any port you want


1. The chemical composition is inert silicon dioxide and there is no worry about the interference of chemical activity;
2. round elastic particles, impact resistance, can be recycled many times, less loss;
3. the spray wear is small, extend the service life of the nozzle;
4. the surface of the ball, will not damage the processing surface and precision size;
5. After treatment, the work-piece surface is smooth, with a special aesthetic feeling, improving the product value;
6. Suitable for dry and wet sand blasting;
7. The fine glass beads used for the metal micro-cracks can be easily displayed after the wet sandblasting;

1. bead hit aviation parts, eliminate its stress, in order to increase fatigue strength, and reduce friction and wear;
2. Sand blasting, rust removal, paint removal, carbon deposition and machining tool marks removal;
3. Anodic treatment and pre-plating treatment can not only clean but also increase adhesion;
4. stainless steel workpiece welding cleaning and removal of surface scratches and other aesthetic processing;
5. Cleaning and rust removal of wire cutting molds;
6. Remove dirt from rubber molds;
7. Road marking for reflection;
8. Exterior decoration of artworks;
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