95% high quality yttria stabilized zirconium grinding ceramic beads

95% high quality yttria stabilized zirconium grinding ceramic beads
Zhengzhou Sky Universe Trade Co., Ltd
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Jan 28, 2020
Classification: SK95 Zirconia grinding medium                                               Model Number: ZrO2
Other Name:  Ceramic beads, Zirconia balls,                                                  HS No:  6909120000
Place of Origin: Zhengzhou,China(Mainland)                                Porduct Name: Zirconia balls
Grade Srandard: Electron Grade,Industrial Grade,Reagent Grade                 Purity:95%
Density: 6.0g/cm3                                                                              Appearance: White balls                                                                                             
Zirconia balls Speciality:

1. High bulk density lead to high kinetic energy,higher grinding dfficiency. Which is 3-4 times than that of traditional ceramic beads.
2.  Suitable for the environment of high viscosity, wet grinding and dispersion.
3.  Low abrasion, high resistance to compression under high speed and preveting material from any contamination.
4.  Good chemical stablility, resisting any corrosive liquid.
5.  Good sphericity and mobility, smooth surface,  easy washing without any pores.
6.  Low working cost , improving output and quality of material.
Zirconium balls Applications: 

1.  Low doping requirement industries:magnetic material,  piezoelectric ceramics and dielectric ceramics.
2.  Pollution prevention industries:medicine industry,  food industry,pesticides and cosmetic industry.
3.  Abrasion and corrosion resistant industries:  Coatings, textiles industry,  color industry,  prinding , dyeing industry,  ceramic ink and pesticide industry.
4.  Different ceramic material industries: electronic ceramics,  refractory ceramics and structural ceramics .                                                                       
Zirconia grinding media Applied Machine:

Vertical sand mill, Horizontal sand mill, Basket mill, Ball mill, Vibrating ball mill etc.

Zirconia ceramic grinding media Available Sizes: (or customized)

Sphere:  S¢0.1-0.3, S¢0.2-0.4, S¢0.3-0.5,S¢0.4-0.6, S¢0.6-0.8, S¢0.8-1.0, S¢.01-1.2, S¢1.2-1.4, S¢1.4-1.6, S¢1.6-1.8, S¢1.8-2.0,     S¢2.0-2.2, S¢2.2-2.4, S¢2.4-2.6, S¢2.6-2.8, S¢2.8-3.0, S¢3.0-3.2,     S¢5, S¢7, S¢10, S¢12, S¢15, S¢20, S¢55mm
Cylinder: ¢3*3, ¢5.5*5.5, ¢7.5*7.5, ¢10*10, ¢12*12, ¢15*15mm                                                                                                                                                                                     
Supply Ability: 5000 Kilogram/ Month
Packaging & Delivery 
Packaging Details : 25kgs/barrel or customized
Lead Time: Shipped in 1-2 days after payment
Properties of Zirconia grinding materials

Composition Wt% 94.8%ZrO2,5.2%Y2O3
Packed Density Kg/L 3.5(¢7mm)
Specific Density g/cm3 ≥6.0
Hardness(HV) Kg/mm2 ≥1250
Elastic modulis Gpa 200
Thermal Conductivity w/m.k 3
Crushing Load KN ≥20(¢7mm)
Fracture Toughness Mpa.m1-2 ≥9
Grain size μm ≤0.5
Thermal expansion Coefficient (20-400ºC) *10-6/ºC(20-400ºC) 9.6
Yttium stabilized zirconia ceramic grinding beads spherical shape tolerance and surface roughness

Grade Vdws △Sph Ra
3 0.08 0.08 0.01
5 0.13 0.13 0.014
10 0.25 0.25 0.02
16 0.4 0.4 0.025
20 0.5 0.5 0.032
24 0.6 0.6 0.04
28 0.7 0.7 0.05
40 1 1 0.06
60 1.5 1.5 0.08
100 2.5 2.5 0.1
200 5 5 0.15
Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Could you tell me shaping method about the zirconia beads?
Yes.  Our shaping methods are cold isostatic pressing and rolling moulding.
More than 3mm is isostatic forming and less than 3mm is rolling forming.

Cold isostatic pressing forming method: advantages: high strength, uniform density, high grinding efficiency, not suitable for zirconium balls under 3 mm.
 Rolling forming method: good sphericity, uniform density, suitable for zirconium balls under 3 mm.

2. How to select the different material Zirconia Ceramic beads?
Depend on the mill base viscosity:SK Glass beads should be match 600-1,800cPS; SK-65 is at the range of 1,000-3,500c PS; SK-76 issuitable for the range 1,600-20,000cPS; At the range of  2,300-50,000cPS, SK80 or SK95 is your ideal choice.

3.  How to select the sizes of Zirconia beads?
(1). The limit of mills:   A. Screen:Dmin=Ds*1.5;
                                  B. Gap separator:Dmin=Wg*3;
(2). The initial and desired particle size of product:
                   D1:  Dmin ≈ D1*30 ~ 50;
(3). The diameter with 1.5m is a good started point.

4.  How to calculate the Yttria stabilized zirconia beads?

Type of mills Closed Open(Vertical) Basket mills Mixer
Horizontal Vertical
Rate(V%) 75-85 70-80 60-70 60-80 20-60

5.  How to keep the beads away from breakage and wear?
(1). The beads charge is not over the maximum limit (suggested 85%).
(2). Different beads adapt to limited tip speeds.
(3).  Select different material beads depend on mill base viscosity.
(4).  Do not mix different brands of beads.
(5).  Try to use the narrow tolerance size beads.
(6). Washing the milling chamber with beads at low speed(suggested below 100rpm).
(7). A periodic sieving the beads away under the minimum limitation.
(8). A periodic inspection of the separator and cover wearing plate enables the users to fine the worn parts.