CNC Busbar Processing Machine

CNC Busbar Processing Machine
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Apr 15, 2020
Sep 28, 2020
一、CNC Busbar Processing Machine

Product description

This series CNC busbar processing machine has three units: punching, shearing and bending. It is easily to adjust each unit to shorten the processing time and improve the production efficiency. The bending unit uses the imported PLC control system, which have stable system and high precision. It is used to processes copper and aluminum busbars in different specification. By relative operation unit if can easily and quickly do all kinds of processing to copper and aluminum busbar, such as shearing , punching(circular hole and oblong hole), flat/honrizental bending, vertical bending and knurling. Change different mold to do special processing to copper bar, such as flat press, embossing, cable connector process, and can do cutting, flat crushing, pushing, and bending.

Main characteristics

*The shearing unit uses sharp shearing, the incision interface is flat, no droop and burrs and waste, beautiful shape.

*The punching unit uses an united six-mode template in tooth shape to make sure the upper mold and the lower mold are absolutely in the center, improve the mold concentricity and longten the working life.

*The turnplate is in tooth shape with good view and high strength. No need to frequently change molds, labor intensity is highly reduced. It is easy and quick to use.

*Producing efficiency is obviously higher than a traditional one.

*The bending unit uses an single-decker working tab le, which can make sure that three working positions can do their operations at same time without bothering the others.

Technical parameters

二、Portable Busbar Processing Machinery(Combined Busbar Processing Machinery)

Product description

Based on the most advanced foreign products and Chinses reality, it is designed to improve working efficiency and save some time, it is for PTD (Power transmission and distribution) and workshop field operation and electric equipment manufacturing, such as power distribution cabinet and switch cabinet. The machine has some functions, such as shearing, Punching , honrizental punching, etc.

Technical parameters