SI12A 4-20mA one channel input 2 channel output signal isolator

SI12A 4-20mA one channel input 2 channel output signal isolator
Chongqing Blue Jay Technology Co., Ltd
Min. order
10 Pieces
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T/T , Western Union
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$50 / Piece
Brand name
Blue Jay
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Standard export packaging
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15 days
Added on
Apr 15, 2020
Blue Jay Technology offers the industry's best selection of isolators. Dozens of models are now available to meet your needs. Select from single and dual-channel models with AC, DC, or loop-powered operation. Signal splitters deliver dual outputs from a single source. And whether you need a unit that sinks or sources current, Blue Jay has the right solution for you.

Optical or galvanic isolation eliminate ground loop errors, reduce noise, and block high voltage transient surges. Our multi-channel modules reduce costs and save space. Models with push-button calibration simplify installation and maintenance tasks. Units with mini USB port preset for 4-20mA input/output required.


·Support universal Input Signal

·Provide 26...18VDC input loop power

·TC/RTD sensor broken alarm

·Low Temp. drift. Auto zero calibrating

·Loop Power current limitation protection (30mA)

·Over-current protection for input current (50mA)

·Current output can be set inverse proportional output

·Programmed by USB or adaptor

·w/o external power supply

·Back board designed with redundant power-supply interfaces