AD11 input 0~500V Output 0~5A DC voltage Transducer with RS485 RS232

AD11 input 0~500V Output 0~5A DC voltage Transducer with RS485 RS232
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Apr 15, 2020
The one element DC multi-parameter digital transducer is used for measuring DC current, voltage and power parameters.Its inputs are DC current (output of mating transducer) and DC voltage, and its outputs are digital data of the DC current, voltage and power through RS-485 interface. It can be applied to various measuring and controlling systems such as communication, power grid and electrization railway etc.


Part numbers: CE-AD11-34MS3-0.5/0~500V 0~5A

Description:Input: 0-500VDC,0-5ADC,Output interface: RS-485.MODBUS protocol,Power supply:24VDC(21~27V),Accuracy:0.5%,Window:none,Case style:S3

Part numbers: CE-AD11B-37MS5-0.5/0~1000V 0~5A

Description:Input: 0-1000VDC,0-5ADC,Output interface: RS-485.MODBUS protocol,Power supply:+9~55V,Accuracy:0.5%,Window:none,Case style:S5


Voltage input: 0~25mA~500V DC (MS3)

0~25mA~1000V DC (MS5)

Current input: 0~10mA~5A DC (Output of mating Hall Effect analog current transducer)

Output data: DC Voltage, DC Current, DC Power (product of the voltage and current)

Accuracy: 0.2%

Baud rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 and 19.2K bps

Refresh period: 100 mS

Input overload: 2 times of full span (1 second, 10 times)

Power supply: +24VDC(MS3)


Static power consumption: £500 mW

Operating temperature: 0~50°C

Storage temperature: -55~+85°C

Isolation voltage: >2500V DC


Digital data acquisition

Automation system integrator

Electrical distribution system

Industrial automation engineering

Process automation system