Cellulose Ethers for Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Cellulose Ethers for Ceramic Tile Adhesive
Shijiazhuang Henggu Jianxin Cellulose Co., Ltd
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30000 tons a year
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7 days
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May 19, 2020
Cellulose Ethers for Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Ceramic tiles are a popular decorative material that has been widely used worldwide. How to lay this durable material has always been a concern, The advent of tile adhesives has made a big difference in how to use this material.

Tile and tile laying has been developed. Tiles have different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, but also different weights per piece and densities, especially the low water absorption, large scale tiles and plates are more and more popular, The requirements of tile adhesives are more demanding.
Jianxin’s cellulose ethers can ensure the smooth application of different types of ceramic tiles on different substrates, even in the case of harsh conditions, They give tile adhesives a long open time and adjusting time.

Application methods are a lot different in Europe and China. Different application habits have different requirements for tile adhesives. In China, the thick -bedding technique is the main method of tile-laying.

The thick-bedding technique requires tile adhesive:

1、easy to work, easy to operate, not sticky.

2、 good initial adhesive strength.

The thin-bedding technique has higher requirements of the tile adhesive:

1、good workability, easy spreading, no stickiness.

2、 good sag resistance.

3、long open time, good wettability.

4、long adjusting time.

Jianxin can provide different cllulose ethers to meet the requirements of CTA for different laying methods,Our cellulose ethers provides tile adhesives with excellent wet adhesion, sag resistance and open time.