Bentonite Raymond Mill 325mesh

Bentonite  Raymond Mill 325mesh
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Stone Powder Grinding calcite, limestone, talc, mica, kaolin, barite
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Jun 20, 2020
Jan 14, 2021
The working principle of HD1300 Raymond Mill for bentonite

1) Firstly,the crusher will crush the raw ore material .

2) The elevator will transport the crushed material to the feeding hopper .

3) The electronic magnetic vibration feeder feeds raw material into the main mill from the feeding port.

4) Driven by the actuator facility, the center shaft rotates the Plum Blossom Rack assembly , roller assembly and shovels together.

5) The rotating roller assembly installed on the Plum Blossom Rack high centrifugal to pull the roller close to the ring.

6) Meanwhile, the materials are shoveled into the gap between the ring and roller by the shovel blades.

7) Thus, the raw material will be grounded,extruded and stroke into fine powder by the rotary rollers and the ring .

8) After grounding , the blower will blow up the powder to the classifier and the classifier will separated the powder with the air.

9) Finally, the qualified fine powder pass from the classifier, then to be collected by the cyclone. Meanwhile, the unqualified products will fall back to the main mill for regrinding till be qualified.


Application Range of HD1300 Raymond Mill for bentonite

With scientific & reasonable design and its unique advantages ,HD1300 Raymond Mills are mining equipment applied widely in power, metallurgical, cement, chemical and non-metallic industry, for grinding of various materials, such as cement raw material, clinker, limestone, slag, manganese, gypsum, coal, barite, calcite etc.. The grinding field is wide and grinding type is abundant.

1. Humidity of grinding materials: from materials of less than 6 %(such as cement clinker), wide range of materials.
2. Grindability of materials: from high grindability(such as quartz sand, steel slag, mining slag, pyrophyllite, iron ore etc.) to low grindability (such as gypsum, calcite, etc).
3. Fineness of grinding product: from 2-5mm(such as raw shale for making brich in new wall material industry, sand for construction industry, etc) Product fineness is easy to adjust and simple operation

Mill Structure of HD1300 Raymond Mill for bentonite

HD1300 Raymond Mills consists of crushing equipment,main mill, constraint turbine classifier, pipe system, high pressure blower, double cyclone collector system, pulse air collector, feeder, electronic control motor and jaw crusher, pan elevator. The main mill consists pedestal, return air box, shovel, roller assembly, ring,grinding mill machine housing and motor. The roller and ring are cast by wear-resistant material. Double gearing device and reducer device can be applied in the power unit of the whole system of this mining machine.

Performance advantages of HD1300 Raymond Mill for bentonite

1).The reducer adopts a new type of deceleration device: the main mill speed of pulverizer mill can be adjusted according to different working conditions, and the main engine speed can be adjusted to adapt to different hardness materials.

2). Large amount of shovel: use an enlarged blade to maximize the feed of material into the grinding roller and the grinding ring.

The mainframe structure is advanced: the main machine adopts the buffer device, the main cover tube structure is optimized, the operation is stable and the noise is low; the main machine and the analysis machine adopt the quick change pressing device, and the maintenance is convenient. The base of the main unit is raised, the grinding roller and the grinding ring are raised to 280 mm, which increases the grinding area.

3). High classification precision: The use of ultra-large grading turbines has a high pass rate and a large air volume. And the end surface of the classifying impeller sealing blade and the sealing end surface of the powder discharging port form a palace seal. It is not easy to form a short circuit powder, and the classification precision of grinding mill machine is high.

4). Double cyclone collector: HD1300 Raymond Mill equipt with Parallel double cyclone collector.Collection efficiency of the pulverizer mill up to 80%, 10% higher collection efficiency than single cyclone collector.