DRS-1 Digital Retinography System Fully Automatic Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera

DRS-1 Digital Retinography System Fully Automatic Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera
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Jakarta Indonesia
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Jun 21, 2020
DRS-1 Digital Retinography System & Fully Automatic, Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera, NEW!

Fully automatic, extremely fast examination: Foolproof and learnable within minutes!

# Digital Retinographie system
# Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera
# fully automatic features
# Auto Alignment
# autofocus
# AutoCapture
# extremely short recording time
# Field uf View: 45 ° x 40 °
# simple operation
# user-friendly menu navigation
# Integrated PC
# database for up to 160,000 shots

The DRS sets new standards in non-mydriatic digital retina retinography.
Thanks to the fully automatic control of the DRS, operation is very easy and can be deleted.
DRS is compact in design and the digital flash control allows a comfortable examination for the patient.

DRS was developed to make the examination as quick and pleasant as possible for the patient. The operation of the DRS is very easy thanks to the intuitive touch screen.

DRS supports single or multi-field protocols and provides 7 standardized 45 ° tests.

DRS is patient-friendly, automatically aligns, self-focuses the retina, adjusts the flash intensity to the given circumstances and delivers a pin-sharp retina image in almost 30 seconds.