Milkotester manufacturers of analytical equipment

Milkotester manufacturers of analytical equipment
Milkotester Ltd
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Jul 7, 2020
Milkotester LTD was established in 1997 in Belovo, Bulgaria. Our main goal is to
produce and develop high-quality milk analyzers under the trade name Master.
The company is equipped with high-tech machines that enable us to produce
devices with excellent quality and short delivery times.

The company has a young and dynamic software team that develops and explores
the devices to achieve perfect performance results and to meet customer's requirements.
Initially, Milkotester was a small company with a monthly producing capacity
of around 150-200 units. For several years it is around
3500-4000 units per month. Our main markets are all EU countries, Brazil, Argentina,
China, Turkey. We also sell in Latin American countries, Asia and Africa.
We offer our customers a wide range of products from
analytical equipment with which we manage to cover the needs of our customers
as much as possible.We offer good price offers to our customers, the optimal quality and
long service life of our products. If you are interested in working together, we will
be waiting for your response.

Thank you for your attention, be healthy and successful!

Mariya Hadzhiyska
(sales and advertising department)