Stainless Steel Double-deck Worktable

Stainless Steel Double-deck Worktable
Yongya Jinjiang 14-1-2704, Northeast corner, intersection of Tianshan Avenue and Xueyuan Road, Shiji
Category:Hospital Tables


Product Introduction:1、Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance,Environmental protection, dust - proof, anti – static,So it allows the structural components to permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design.

2、Stainless steel material structure, the main use of stainless steel square, stainless steel plate,The bottom foot of the table can be adjusted up and down to adapt to the uneven ground,desktop can be covered with anti-static rubber pad to achieve anti-static effect, Can become antistatic stainless steel workbench thereby, some can lay board, increase bear weight, pack board next, pack edge, use front exhaust, exhaust board whole but disassemble. Stainless steel work table can match light tube, achieve illume effect thereby.

3、Specification size customers can according to their actual situation, can be installed with lock drawer, quality first, wide use
4、The workbench can also be equipped with sockets, A4 Kanban
5、Simple construction, flexible application, not limited by the shape of components and station space, site size, and customers can be customized, can have drawers, quality assurance, wide range of USES.
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