Dough Sheeter

Dough Sheeter
Hebei AOCNO Baking Machinery CO., LTD
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Jul 14, 2020
Dough Sheeter
A reversible dough sheeter is the ideal sheeter for bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants that require versatility. The floor standing and countertop reversible sheeter from Aocno are two kinds of heavy duty sheeter designed for commercial applications. This sheeter is perfect for sheeting and stretching pastry type, pastry cake ,puff pastry, and pressing dough.
Model  ACN-D525S  ACN-D525T  ACN-D600L
Conveyor Spec  500*1000*2  500*1000*2  600*1000*2
Rolling Speed( r/min) 133 133 133
Dough Thickness(mm)  0.3-50  1-35  0.3-50
Processing Weight   5KG/time  5KG/time  6KG/time
4-6times/h 4-6times/h  4-6times/h
Power(kw)  0.75  0.6  0.75
Net Weight(kg)  220  195  230
Gross Weight(kg)  260  235  270
Dimensions in Operation(mm)   2520*955*1285 2080*880*620   3420*980*1235
Dimensions Closed(mm) 1300*955*1750   750*880*840 2000*980*1700
Voltage  220V-380V-50/60HZ-1/3PH  220V-380V-50/60HZ-1/3PH  220V-380V-50/60HZ-1/3PH
Packing Size(mm)  1360*1015*1810  810*940*900  2060*1040*2100

1.    Push-button control, Convenient side operation.
2.    Forward or reverse operation.
3.    Ships standard with synthetic, non-stick rollers.
4.    Ergonomic design for safety, speed, sanitation, and ease of use.
5.    Heavy-duty stainless steel construction.
6.    Simple handle adjustments for exact, uniform dough thickness.
7.    Safety sensors for automatic shutoff.
8.    Compact design for maximizing counter space.
9.    Maintenance-free drive mechanism isolated from roller area.
10.   Spring-loaded scrapers for easy removal and cleaning.
11.  Safety guard on both sides of rollers to prevent accidents or injuries.


Various types of pastry machine gearboxes are oil-immersed lubrication systems, which are easy to operate and durable. Suitable for bakeries and snack shops. The main products are Danish bread, puff pastry, egg tarts, wife cakes and other products.