Compatibility Masimo/Mindray/GE/Nellcor/Colin Radical Spo2 Adapter Cable Connect

Compatibility Masimo/Mindray/GE/Nellcor/Colin Radical Spo2 Adapter Cable Connect
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Compatibility Masimo/Mindray/GE/Nellcor/Colin Radical Spo2 Adapter Cable Connectors
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Medical Cable Connector
Insert Material:PPS&PEEK
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Medical Power System Handle/Spo2/Surgical equipment/diagnostic equipment and patient monitoring
1 Years
PE packaging + carton
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Jul 20, 2020
PERLINK has always been a world leader in the field of high-precision electronic connectors, and the connectors produced have been widely used in the medical field.
Widely used in analyzers, synergy power systems, process controllers, dental instruments, disposable devices (sensors, catheters), electrosurgical equipment, pacemakers and hearing aids, patient monitors, portable or home devices, scanning Medical equipment such as instruments and sterilization equipment.

Pulling and inserting times >6000.
Humidity Maximum humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 60°
Temperature -45°~+125°
Vibration 10~20000HZ,15g
Mechanical shock 100g·6ms
Salt spray corrosion test >48h
Protection level IP50
Connector type Socket,female pin(90° Right Angle Socket for Printed Circuit Boards,with two nuts)
Number of positions 2~32 pin
Termination printed board
Fastening type Push-pull
Orientation G,(A...M&R)
Shell material Brass
Shell finish Chrome
Shell color Silver
Contact material Brass
Contact finish-mating Gold
Contact color Gold
Insert material PPS
Cable opening 1.5mm~7.5mm

SPO2 ECG Connector

Used for :

1) Spo2 probe

2) Spo2 adapter cable

3) ECG cable

4) EKG cable

5) Leadwire

6) Temperature probe

7) NIBP & IBP connector

8) Machine inside Female

Industry Application:

Medical connector: Analyzers, Processing Equipment, Dental Equipment, Electrosurgical Devices, Pacemakers and Hearing Devices;

Audio-video connector: HDTV/Media Converter, Remote Cam / Motion Pict Cam(Indoors/outdoors), Analog Audio/Video, Digital Audio, Lighting - Indoors/outdoors;

Test & Measurement connector: GPS (portable or vehicle mounted), High Voltage Experiments, Meters, Sources, Analyzers, Weather Sensors, Quality Inspections;

Information system connector: Authentication Devices, Computers (outdoors), Input Devices, Printers/Copiers,

Automotive connector: Cars/Trucks (inside), Crash Dummies, Engine Compartments, Emergency Vehicles,

Research connector: Robots, Sub-Atomic Research, Physics Research, Laboratories; Aerospace connector: Airplanes/Helicopters, Baggage Screeners;

Communication connector: Antennas - Indoors/outdoors, Headsets/IBFs (Reporters), Remote Control, RF/uWave,

System control connector: Security/Surveillance – Indoors, outdoors.


· Straight male plug with nut for bend relief..

· Push-pull self-latching system for mating and unmating easily.

· Multi-contact types 2 to 26 contacts

· Solder pins for cable

· Keying system ("G"key standard) for connector alignment

· Multiple key options to avoid cross mating of similar connectors

· High packing density for space savings

· 360° screening for full EMC shielding.


1. Nearly a decade of medical connector experience;

2. Provide highly environmentally friendly, highly quality connector products;

3. High-efficiency production equipment guarantees product's supply requirements;

4. Provide personalized products design with customers as the core!

5. Long-term product life: plug 5000-6000 times!

6. High-efficiency compatibility, perfect compatibility with similar products at home and abroad!

Technical characteristics:

Characteristics Value Standard

Endurance > 5000 cycles IEC 60512-5 test 9a

Humidity up to 95% at 60° C

Temperature range - 55° C, +200° C

Resistance to vibration 10-2000 Hz, 15 g IEC 60512-4 test 6d

Gender Female, Male, female and male, metal plug, Female&male
Type Adapter, DIN, BNC, electrical socket for medical equipment, Bayonet connector
Application Automotive, Power, PCB, Signal/Machinery Equipment/Aviation/High-speed Rail/Automation, industry control
Product name metal aviation connector, M24 electrical 3 pin Industrial waterproof power connector, metallic conduit fittings, Cable Protection Metal Electrical Wire Conduit Connector, Custom Electrical conductive contact connector
Color Silver, Golden, DIN, Army green, Nickel color
Material Aluminum Alloy, brass, copper, PP, phosphor bronze
Rated current 8A, 3A/4A/5A/7A/10A/12A/15A, 25A, 23A, 3A
Name Strain relief type, Test Probe Pin, MS3112F2461S, Gold Plating Brass Pogo Pin Battery Connector, heavy duty connector
Pin 6, 11, 2-19pin, 3 Pin, 10
Termination Solder, Soldering
Keywords Pogo pin spring contact smd, Connector Socket, strain relief, push pull connector
Rated voltage 60V, 200V, 2000V-3000V
Contacts Gold-plated Brass Alloy, PCB, Ada
Oem Available, Provided, Welcome
Shell material Zinc alloy with nikelplate, customized, Zinc alloy with nickel plated, copper alloys (nike-lplate)
Coupling Bayonet, threaded coupling
Contact material copper(silverplated/gold), copper, nickel / sliver / gold plated
Surface treatment Plating, Cleaning
Connector type welding/Pressure welding/PCB, Male Female Pogo Pin, push pull connector