Chunmee Green Tea 4011

Chunmee Green Tea 4011
Fuming east road,JINNIU Logistic gathering area,Shihe District,XINYANG city,Henan Province,China
FOB price:3-5$/kg
Min. order:1 container
Payment terms:TT/LC
Sample price:free
Brand name:CTPTC
Model number:4011
Dimensions per unit:customized
Weight per unit:25g/250g/5kg/25kgetc.
Material:green leaves
Product certifications:QS,ISO9001
Customization:can be customized
Packaging:all products can be customized and 1 container can be ready packaged in 3 days and 10 containers can be processed in 1 month.The shipping is about 45-60 days.


Chunmee green tea is made of big green leaves,processed through more than 10 steps.The fresh leaves are initial processed through air drying,roller,keading,debloking.Then refined processed through firing,screening,cutting,shaping,windowing,blending.And all products will be tested and qualified before packing and transporting.Due to these elaborate procedures,Chunmee tea got a tight and tippy feature with a heavy body,and the infusion is fresh bright with high aroma.Moreover,all products can be customized to meet different standards worldwide.
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