High Barrier Baffle liner with Discount price

High Barrier Baffle liner with Discount price
Xinzhaidian Industrial Area,Zhao County
Min. order:1 Piece
Payment terms:T/T L/C
Brand name:Zhongbang Packing
Model number:05
Lead time:25 days


Material Structure : 
PE/AL/PET/PE or as customers' requirements.
Thickness: 60---180microns
Size: It can be made in any sizes according to customer's requirements.
Function: Moisture barrier, oxygen barrier and UV protection.
Specification:  Composite Strength: >30 Newton/15mm
Sealing Side Tensile Strength: >60 Newton/15mm
Application: One type of FIBC liners is the baffle liner. The USP of this liner is that it reduces the shipping costs, gives high-end package performance, and also lessens storage costs. Apart from providing increased stability, it also enhances bag stack ability. Square in shape, this liner utilizes internal baffles to maintain its shape. Application of FIBC liners is essential in the transport and storage of goods. The square-shaped liners also reduce the amount of space taken by the bags, which means added quantity of bags can be fit in a smaller place. It can hold up to 30 per cent more product than any other liners.
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