Medical Protection Mask

Medical Protection Mask
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Product features:

made of spunbond and meltblown non-woven fabric, consist of mask body, nose clip and elastic band.


1. Under medical working environment, it is used for filtering PM, and obstructing droplets, blood, body fluid, and secretions.

2. For the medical staff in and out of the isolation room and those in close contacts with H1N1 patients, we suggest to wear N95 mask.

3. For the pregnant women, children, and people with low immunity who are in crowded public places, we suggest to wear N95 mask to avoid infection.

Product advantages:

1. Implementation of national standards: GB19083-2010 “Technical requirements for medical protective masks”, medical standard, bacteria free, away from dust and bacteria, responsible for our breath.

2. Smooth breathing without resistance, skin-friendly and comfortable, good ventilation effect and breath easier, odorless and no stimulation.

3. Anti-particulates, anti-dust, anti-bacteria, keep away from cold air and protect skin.

4. Individual package, easier to carry, hygienic and clean.

5. Designed to fit facial contour, nose clip adjustable, ultrasonic sewing, wear tighter and more comfortable
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