Blood Collection Needle Mould

Blood Collection Needle Mould
China Asepsis Medical Equipment R&D base Taishan Section, Qinggang industrial zone, Yuhuan County, Zhejiang
FOB price:$10/piece
Min. order:1 Set
Payment terms:pay Alibaba pay
Sample price:$10/piece
Brand name:shengjiu
Model number:Plastic Spike Needle 010102
Material:can be specified or custom
Warranty:1 million models or not counting in one year


Specifications:32/44/64/cavity which can be specified or customized;Warranty is 1 million models or not counting in one year;Life is 4 million or more time;Modeling rate is 14-16 seconds or mode;Mold material is mold frame 718H cavity S136 core SKD61 which can be specified and customized;Mold hardness is mold frame HRc46 cavity HRc52 core HRc56 and material can be specified or custom;Applicable models is 120T-200T,which is specified by the number of cavities;Adopting imported formwork material, Sweden one wins 100 S136 cavity and core, Japan sets up SKD61 thimble and core, the whole quenching inlay is made, semi-automatic production design. The service life is more than 4 million times.
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