Paper industry assistant agent to deal with anionic waste in paper

Paper industry assistant agent to deal with anionic waste in paper
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Poly quaternary ammonium salt
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Sep 16, 2020
PSC80628 / PSC80628-2
CAS NO. 25988-97-0 / 39660-17-8
N,N-Dimethyl-2-hydroxypropyl ammonium chloride polymer Poly(2-hydroxypropyl dimethyl ammonium chloride)

Suitable for Commercial Pools such as Landscape Water, Ponds, Cisterns, Swimming Pools, etc.;
Industrial Circulating water, Cooling water systems
Air purification systems;
Sterilization and Algae removal of cleaning agents in the food and Beverage industry.

Multi-functional products: Cationic polymer Bactericide, Biocide and Clarify water quality
Effectively control algae, Scum, Harmful fouling, and Prevent filter clogging
Stable in hard water, Stable in a wide range of pH and temperature
Acts on Floating algae and Fixed algae
No Foam, Easy to use and Formula Helps reduce bad smells
Long-lasting effect, Non-corrosive


1.Swimming Pool & Spa

PSC80628 / PSC80628-2 can fundamentally achieve the effect of sterilizing and removing algae, effectively controlling the growth of algae, and it also has the characteristics of non-foaming, non-toxic, mild and non- irritating, and environmentally friendly products. It is recommended to use with chlorine preparations to achieve a more ideal effect. It can be used before the growth of microorganisms or algae.

Suggested initial delivery: 20-30PPM
Weekly delivery volume in the later period: 5-10PPM

2.Industrial circulating water & cooling tower

Before using PSC800628 in industrial circulating water or similar to cooling towers, the equipment and use environment must be cleaned to remove algae growth, microbial mucus and other sediments. PSC80628 has a good killing and inhibiting effect on plankton, etc., as well as biological dispersion and sterilization and clarification. PSC80628 / PCS80628-2 has the characteristics of low concentration and effective, obvious flocculation effect, stability and long-term sterilization and algae removal. It can be widely used for broad-spectrum sterilization, killing microorganisms, and removing biofilm and algae.

Suggested dosage: 10PPM

3.Food industry cleaning agent

PSC80628 has a broad spectrum of killing and inhibiting microorganisms. It is a disinfectant and chain pusher for beverage, food, wine, dairy equipment and packaging. Suggested dosage: add 1-10% of total cleaning agent. Oilfield water injection PSC80628 can be used in oilfield extraction and water injection operations, as a clay anti-powder agent and viscosity increasing agent, combined with ammonium chloride, and has a good stability effect on clay minerals.

When used as a cationic drilling fluid shale inhibitor, the dosage is 0.5%≤1.0%.

4.Paper industry

PSC80628 will retard the growth of microorganisms that cause the degradation of cooked starch used in paper manufacturing. According to the total weight of starch and water, add at 40-400PPM. The treatment rate required to delay starch deterioration will vary with the degree of bleach pollution and the length of storage time. View ponds and fountains PSC80628, as a long-acting bactericide, has broad-spectrum activity and can kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. It can be used in ornamental ponds and springs without irritation, toxicity, chlorine, and non- corrosive to most materials.

Recommended volume: 10-100PPM